Energy Saving Alternatives to AC

Talk to long-term Coloradans and you’ll surely hear someone say, “Yon don’t need air conditioning in Colorado.” That may sound ridiculous given the recent run of 100°-plus days in the state, but a few days do not an air conditioning season make. Before you invest in a central cooling system…

The Pros and Cons of Copper and Aluminum Wiring

There are two types of metal commonly used in wiring: copper and aluminum. They’re chosen for their efficiency, ease of use, and affordability. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and knowing those can help avoid problems that range from annoying to disastrous.

Pros and Cons of Aluminum Wiring

Planning for an Intimate Winter

This winter promises to be a season to remember. Not only will we have the usual assortment of storms and other inconveniences, but for the first time in our lifetimes most of us will be forced to endure them stuck at home due to the COVID restrictions—without the happy relief…

Planning Ahead for a Happier New Year

Most of us will be more than glad to see the end of 2020 and the long pandemic-induced nightmare of a year. But even as we gradually recover, we should pay attention to the lessons learned from the lifestyle changes forced on us—some of which will be enduring.

Here’s a…

What People Want

Coronavirus has changed what people want from businesses at least in the short run.

An attorney reports that clients on both sides of deals are engaging his services to terminate agreements, walking away from agreements made pre-covid that now are being tested.

A website development company reports that large customers…

Hard Wired or Battery Smoke and CO Alarms?

As we button up our homes for winter, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors assume an even greater role in protecting property and loved ones from disaster.

Both battery-operated and hard-wired devices need to be tested monthly for proper operation and that’s a good time to assess whether…

California Outages Show Backup Power Need

California’s Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) has been cutting power to hundreds of thousands of residents in an attempt to lower wildfire danger from downed power lines. Some people have been without electrical service for several days, creating concerns about food safety, water, and medical needs along with the considerable…

Lighting Tips

It’s Time to Switch to LED

Long-lasting LED lamps are the unquestioned leader in economically lighting homes and offices, and with more choices and lower prices there’s no reason to not make the switch.

Early LED bulbs were low on output and high in price, but that’s changed. Today you…

Holiday Lighting Safety Tips

One of the biggest causes of home fires is holiday lighting gone bad. Here are a few tips on how to keep your home both beautiful and safe throughout the holiday season.


Don’t overload circuits

Typical household branch circuits are 15 amps, and this is plenty of capacity…

Electrical Safety Tips for Fall

Fall is a busy time for homeowners. The calendar is full of school activities, fall sports are in high gear, and pre-winter yardwork looms on the schedule. While it may be tempting to rush through your fall chores, haste can not only make waste, it can be downright dangerous, especially…

Is It Time for an Electrical Upgrade?

If your home is more than a couple of decades old, your electrical system may be straining under the load of modern appliances and electronics. This can lead to annoying trips to the breaker box, interference with both wireless and wired signals, and even serious safety hazards.

Here are some…

Urban Farming and Agricultural Grow Lighting

Recent changes in local laws have sparked interest in growing plants normally found in outdoor gardens in indoor settings. These plants require more light than is typically found indoors, causing a spike in grow light sales. It has also led to numerous electrical problems, from overloading and power outages to…

Turn Up the Heat in Your Yard with Summer Night Party Lights

Create a festive mood with outdoor lighting in your yard, garden, deck or patio and show off your hostess with the mostess skills.

Keep these simple design tips in mind and your outdoor lighting will serve multiple occasions and make your garden parties the envy of the neighborhood.

String Lights…

Wiring a Basement Successfully

As the weather turns cooler, our thoughts turn toward indoor living. Maybe it’s time to consider adding that media center, home office, man-cave, or guest suite you’ve been wanting. But where to put it? How about that basement that’s been collecting things that you seldom or no longer use?


Electrical Hazards of Weather

High winds and severe weather can bring risks to home and commercial electrical systems

Downed power lines and the presence of water around electrical outlets and appliances are never good things, and a word to the wise is to call a professional if a risk appears likely

Throughout the summer…

Do-It-Yourself v do it right. The answer is in an Allstar Electrical Services electrician’s skillset

Q: I’m thinking about doing a little remodeling myself. Is there a proper height to locate outlets and switches to conform to code?

A: There are requirements if your installation needs to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), but other than that, locations are determined more by custom than by…

Allstar electrical contractors wins three coveted iec awards


DENVER, CO - Allstar Electrical Services, LLC won three awards from the Rocky Mountain Chapter of Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) including top honors for Commercial Project Under $1,000,000 at the March 29, 2007 awards banquet held in Denver.

The awards presented to Allstar…

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