Service Upgrades

For both homes and businesses, the service panels housing the circuit breakers that act as the hub of a facility’s electric service, have often been in place for quite some time and may be inadequate for the tasks at hand these days. After all, homeowners and business operations today have vastly different arrays of appliances and electronic devices than just a few years ago.

In the home environment, it wasn’t all that long ago, some 15 years, that 100 amp service was deemed up to code and adequate for all but the very largest of homes, but that standard has changed today to 200 amp service. This kind of an upgrade require the upgrade and replacement of the old service panel, and a reconfiguring of the circuits, to ensure that the power needs of the modern home are met and that the distribution of electric power throughout the home is balanced safely. In many jurisdictions homeowners wouldn’t be able to sell a property with 100 amp service and would need to have a service upgrade performed before putting the house on the market or facing an inspection.

Business facilities are much the same, although in some cases each facility will feature up to several service panels to adequately serve the property, and in a few commercial/industrial environments the panels will feature capacities with as much as 3,000 to 4,000 amps. But again, power needs change over time and these commercial service panels, especially those in older facilities, may not be up to current codes and might be inadequate for safe operation where many new electronic devices have been added into the business mix.

Allstar Electrical Services, through either our Residential Division of Commercial Division, specializes in service panel upgrades and modifications. We have literally done hundreds of service panel upgrades on homes and on commercial/industrial properties of all sizes and uses, and we always pass the required inspections and exceed expectations. Our service features first-class work with minimal downtime and disruption, as well, because we know how valuable it is for homeowners and business managers alike to maintain their day-to-day lifestyle and operation.

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