Low-Voltage Electric Services

Most people think about calling the cable company or their phone service provider when addressing issues of wiring the phones, television, cable boxes, DVRs, computers and computer accessories in the home. But calling in an experienced electrician to get these low-voltage connections set up right makes so much more sense. Why? Because Allstar Electrical Services personnel are experts at whole-house wiring, have no vested interest in the devices at hand, and can easily handle any interference problems that might arise.

What we’re seeing more and more of these days is making these connections available in more rooms in the house, and making the connections as easy as installing wall receptacles for the cable/satellite coaxial cables and for the telephone jacks. This helps homeowners avoid having cable and phone wiring run all around the house or hanging from the eaves for expansion room-to-room, and makes it very convenient to connect whatever devices necessary wherever they are needed. And besides, if your phone service isn’t on cable you’d have to call in two outside vendors to get the job done.

While we’re at it, we can also ensure that the necessary electrical plugs and switches can handle the loads required, help with surge protection, and even show you how to shield all of those pesky power cords and connections from view and keep them organized.

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