Service Additions

The service panel – that generally grey box housing the circuit breakers that acts as the central hub for electric service to the whole house, commercial building or a section of a commercial property – is of course a critical component in ensuring that a facility has adequate and safe power wherever it is needed. However, needs change over time, and it often becomes necessary to alter the circuits in the facility or to add new circuits to the panel to better balance out the electrical use in the facility.

Allstar Electrical Services can quickly add new circuits to accommodate more electric outlets in the home or office, spreading the load out and avoiding any potential circuit breaks. In every home there are more and more appliances and devices all the time, and in offices more people with more equipment come into a workspace, and the service panels are designed to handle more circuits when the need arises. There are different levels of capacity in the circuits, and Allstar Electrical Services personnel with ensure that the service panel is wired properly and safely, and that the load factors throughout the facility, based on the need, are balanced and working at coded and safe levels.

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