Back-Up Power Generators for Home/Office

Just about every homeowner at one time or another has experienced a power outage – caused by a storm, a lightning strike, a substation crash, or when a construction crew inadvertently severs a line. Either way, a power outage can be disruptive to daily lifestyle, knock out heating, cooling and cooking sources, and even lead to spoilage of food in refrigerators and freezers. There’s really no reason to be left in the dark and cold, however.

With the installation of a home standby generator, the lights, heat, A/C, fridges, and all the entertainment systems won’t miss a beat. The professional electricians at Allstar Electrical Services are experts at recommending and installing home standby generators.

These machines come in various sizes and power capacities, so they can be wired to handle just the essentials in case of a power lapse – the refrigerator/freezer, the A/C/furnace, computers/entertainment, key lights – or a homeowner can opt for a whole-home power source that will keep everything running as if the power never went out. Standby generators, which operate usually on natural gas or propane, kick on immediately in the event of a power outage and keep the power going seamlessly. They are installed outdoors in an inconspicuous location, much like the typical home air-conditioning unit.

While major power outages that last days at a time are relatively rare in Colorado, there have been several around the country as a result of hurricanes, severe thunderstorms, floods, tornadoes and other natural disasters that have lasted for days on end. Colorado is not immune to natural disasters, as the devastating fires of 2012 clearly point out. But even short-term power outages can be major inconveniences with lifestyle disruption, food spoilage, even the need to relocate for a day or two.

With the installation of a home standby generator by Allstar Electrical Services, you’ll have the peace of mind that you family won’t be disrupted no matter what the weather.

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