Security Cameras -- CCTV

CCTV – closed circuit television – is an important and appreciated security measure used in many apartment/condo buildings, office buildings, industrial plants, warehouses, and in parking lots. Potential thieves and burglars are well versed in television monitoring and tend to avoid facilities that have the technology installed.

Allstar Electrical Services are experts in installing CCTV systems in many forms of commercial and multi-family complexes, and in providing the building management with all of the necessary monitoring and recording tools for these systems to work properly. In our experience tenants in facilities monitored by CCTV feel much safer and protected, so CCTV is quite often a selling point and competitive advantage when people are making choices of where to lease office space or where the live. Parking lot CCTV systems are especially appreciated since so many of the property crimes in our society are related to car theft, stealing from cars and vandalizing cars, and CCTV acts as a major deterrent or, in the event of a problem, a great law enforcement recovery tool.

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