Basement Wiring

If you go on one of those ubiquitous home tours and see the basements they are building these days – well, yes, it’s easy to get basement envy. These days they did ‘em out deeper and make into simply another level of wonderful living.

But for the rest of us with older homes built in an era when the basement was meant for storage, laundry, the furnace, hot water heater and maybe a work bench, we would just love to add to our real living space down there. A rec room. A game room. A home theater. A wine cellar. A home office. A bathroom. Maybe even a spare/guest bedroom.

That’s going to take some remodeling, of course, but it won’t be as expensive as you think. After all, the structure is already there; all that is really required is finishing.

One of the best places to start that remodeling project, whether its minor or major, is with a great electrical plan, and the professionals at Allstar Electrical Services have years of experience designing such plans, rewiring that basement and making sure there is enough power to make you basement dreams come alive. We can do everything from adding outlets, installing a wine chiller, adding new lighting designs, setting up entertainment centers, and more – and we have tons of experience working with architects and contractors in meeting the electrical needs of any remodeling plan. 

Bring that basement out of the Dark Ages with expert basement wiring plans and installation from Allstar Electrical Services.

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