Server Room Electrical

Just about every business these days – large or small – has or needs a secure server room to house one of its most valuable assets: its computer system. Without the server room valuable data would be at risk and, as the hub of office productivity, if it goes down employees would quite literally be unable to work.

Modern server rooms serve a variety of functions, including security, but setting one up is much more than a matter of a few plugs for servers and storage devices. The electrical power needs of these systems are ample, and it is critical not only to have the power directed properly to avoid overloading of the circuits, but also to have power surge protection and a back-up power supply to protect these assets.

Allstar Electrical Services has acted as electrical contractor in the building of a number of company server rooms, of many different sizes, and has the expertise to design and build an electrical system that will protect these valuable technology assets and keep the business running smoothly. We measure load capacities and provide a balanced approach to supplying power, we wire in the necessary heating and cooling systems to ensure that temperature control is maintained at optimum levels, we build lighting systems that aid in working and maintenance in servers rooms, and we provide security systems like access control that limit access only to authorized personnel. In addition, we can install Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) devices for temporary power to ensure there is no loss of data in the event of a power outage, and we can recommend and install standby generators to supply seamless power generation for server rooms and other critical systems should power be at risk for longer periods. And, of course, we can provide surge protection that will keep these delicate electronic machines from shorting out or failing in the event of power surges or such events as lighting strikes.

Working with an electrical contractor with experience in computer service rooms is the only way to go to protect valuable data and technology assets and Allstar Electrical Services has the expertise to get the job done right.

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