Computer / Phone / Cable TV wiring

Back in the 1950s and 1960s people had one TV (with an over-the-air signal), one telephone mounted to the kitchen wall by the phone company, and no computer. And, of course, no electronic accessories like DVDs, DVRs, printers, modems, monitors… If you took a person from 1960 into a time machine to today they wouldn’t be able to make a call, type a letter or even turn the television on much less operate it.

For the modern homeowner the dilemma is figuring out how to plug all that stuff in – without overloading the circuits. Cables (coax) for the multiple televisions and computer, phone wiring for the bases to the cordless phones, plug-in spots for the modem, mouse, printer, chargers, DVD… and on and on. In many homes there are unsightly wires running all over the place, and many of them plugged into too few circuits for safe operation.

There’s a solution for that. At Allstar Electrical Services we are wiring experts. We know all about running cable and phone lines behind the walls, refiguring the circuits and outlets for ample power, and in wiring built-ins to handle all of the ancillary devices in a safe and attractive way. Here’s just a few of the things we can do:

  • Wire the house for coax accessibility so that there is a convenient wall receptacle in every room for cable service where you need it.

  • Wire the entire house for phone access with convenient wall receptacles everywhere needed.

  • Reconfiguring and expanding the electric wall outlets in the home office, computer area and entertainment center so there is enough stable power to handle all of the devices, and in a convenient location where the unsightly cords can be hidden.

Most new homes are now pre-wired to accommodate not only all of the electronic modern conveniences today, but for devices and sources not yet invented. The fact is that in the expert hands of the professional electricians at Allstar Electrical Services, even a home built 100 years ago can be wired – and cabled – safely for today and tomorrow as well.

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