Planning Ahead for a Happier New Year

Most of us will be more than glad to see the end of 2020 and the long pandemic-induced nightmare of a year. But even as we gradually recover, we should pay attention to the lessons learned from the lifestyle changes forced on us—some of which will be enduring.

Here’s a look at four areas that are of particular interest.

Working and Learning from Home
Maybe you were forced to, maybe you chose to, but working and learning from home were the single largest trend of the pandemic. It was a burden to some and a lifesaver for others, and it’s here to stay for a lot of people.

Experts predict that over half of employers will offer remote work options and as many as 20% will do away with most onsite work entirely. And while it has become evident that most school kids do better in classroom settings, plenty of post-secondary students have found online classes a great way to save money compared to residential colleges and universities.

But working and learning from home present challenges of their own. Reliable, fast internet connections are essential for meetings and classes. A quiet, comfortable place to work promotes better productivity, whether it’s a peaceful nook in the house or a dedicated home office.

Connectivity, lighting, and adequate power connections are important to all these tasks and a licensed electrical contractor can help ensure that these needs are met conveniently and safely.

Shopping from Home
Remote shopping and home delivery services have seen huge increases during the COVID pandemic, changing buying patterns in ways that are likely to persist. Good internet service is, of course, an important part of the process, but upgrading your home security system and exterior lighting add protection against porch pirates and other schemers as well making access to your property safer for delivery workers.

Integrating security devices and lighting into your home network adds extra safety and convenience, but can also create ways for hackers to get in. A qualified electrician can help you plan and install systems that keep your network safe and reliable.

Cooking at Home
Working and learning from home means eating at home more, and many people are using that need as incentive to refine and add to their cooking skills. Spending more time in the kitchen has led many people add and upgrade kitchen appliances and lighting to make the process more enjoyable…and safer, too.

A licensed electrical contractor can add more power and outlets to handle increased loads and upgrade lighting for a better, safer working environment.

Relaxing at Home
Cutting down on commuting and shopping trips can free up extra time for relaxation and enjoyment at home. Is your entertainment center providing the entertainment you want? Is it time to build that home theatre you’ve always wanted? How about a bathroom upgrade to get that spa-like luxury you crave? Or a patio upgrade for the warm nights to come? Maybe even a complete outdoor kitchen.

A licensed electrical service can work with you and your other contractors to make those upgrades work efficiently, conveniently, and safely. And don’t overlook the lighting in the rest of your home. Proper lighting adds to both enjoyment and safety throughout your home.

Start Planning Now for an Enjoyable Future
The new year is a great time to resolve to do more things that bring you happiness, and improving your home living experience will not only add to your comfort and enjoyment, it will also add value to your property if and when it’s time to sell.

But poorly designed or improperly installed improvements can be dangerous. Remodeling, renovations, and additions need top-notch electrical work, and Allstar Electrical Services delivers the quality results you expect and deserve. We work hand-in-hand with you and your contractors to ensure your project is done right, on budget and on schedule.

Whatever your electrical needs, call Allstar Electrical at (303) 399-7420 or visit our website. We’ve served the Front Range for 20 years, are top-rated by the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List, and are proud to be certified as an approved contractor by HomeAdvisor, the nation’s premier service for matching homeowners with pre-screened contractors.