Lightning Strikes

It’s amazing how many times each year Allstar Electrical Services personnel are called out after lightning strikes a home or business, often times knocking out the structure’s electrical service and even causing damage to service panels, light fixtures, electronic equipment and appliances.

In the event of a lightning strike, our first response is to assess the damage, protect the structure from any additional trouble, and get the system safely back on line. We can repair or replace busted light fixtures, check all of the interior electric connections to make sure no hidden damage has occurred, and repair or replace any switches and receptacles that may have been harmed. We think safety first, then on to getting everything back to the way it was as quickly as possible. We have even seen cases where the circuit break was knocked off the wall by a lightning strike, and of course that is our first concern for safety and operational integrity.

As for damaged electronic devices, like TVs, entertainment systems and computer equipment, or appliances that short out, we’ll make sure they pose no potential danger, but an insurance company will have to decide on compensation and replacement. We can recommend and install whole-house surge protection that will give every device in the home a level of security, and that is a service you might want to look into before Mother Nature throws a thunder bolt your way.

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