We’re on so that you can be off is our motto. Rely on Allstar 24/7.

Office and retail building managers, condo and multi-unit HOA managers, plus industrial property managers appreciate the bottom-line value in having Allstar Electrical Services at the ready to respond when any electrical system is compromised.

Our maintenance program helps to reduce emergencies in your building. We start by reviewing your current electrical configuration from service to outlets to identify problems before they occur. And we establish an emergency backup plan so that you don’t lose data, productivity or even tenants because of a systems failure.

Our solution-minded approach to your potential emergencies is comprehensive:

  • Radio dispatched
  • Expert troubleshooting & repairs
  • Rapid response
  • Emergency generator capabilities
  • Emergency parts & procurement
  • Generator/transfer switch maintenance & installations
  • Emergency Power response planning
  • Preventative audits & maintenance

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An electrical emergency can hit an entire community or just your home or business. And when it does, it affects your safety, productivity and is downright inconvenient. Sign up today for Allstar Electrical Services residential Safety Blanket program. You’ll get a free electrical assessment as well as being able to count on same-day repair service. 

Residential Safety Blanket

Sign up now!  The Residential Safety Blanket is actually a YEAR-LONG program for residential customers that protects your home in the case of any emergency.

For just $95/year, you are guaranteed SAME-DAY SERVICE for emergency repairs.

Plus, we’ll do a walk-through assessment of the types of problems you can anticipate given the state of your electrical wiring and service at your home. This added benefit gives you a pro-active edge to STOP PROBLEMS BEFORE THEY START. Our highly skilled electricians walk through your home and identify potential problems with your fixtures, electrical service and your wiring.

Register now, by completing this quick form. An Allstar Electrical Representative will contact you back to confirm your registration is complete and to set an appointment for an electrical survey of your residence.

Repair charges will be offered at our routine pricing; no extraordinary after-hours service calls are charged when you’re enrolled as a member of Allstar Electrical’s Winter Security Blanket Program.

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