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Cheesman Park


Denver’s Cheesman Park neighborhood grew up around what is now Cheesman Park – which was, beginning in 1858, a cemetery, first Mt. Prospect Cemetery and then later Denver City Cemetery. In the 1890s (most of) of the people buried there were moved to other locations, and the park was named in honor of Denver pioneer Walter Cheesman whose family donated the funds to build the neoclassical pavilion that still stands there. The surrounding neighborhood was platted by Denver as early as 1868, annexed by the city in 1883, and by the early part of the 20th Century it became the location of many of the city’s most prominent mansions. Today, many of those early mansions remain, especially around the park itself, and the area has seen the development of more dense apartment buildings as well.

Allstar Electrical Services has long called Cheesman Park a key service area for electrical services to residents.

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