What People Want

Coronavirus has changed what people want from businesses at least in the short run.

An attorney reports that clients on both sides of deals are engaging his services to terminate agreements, walking away from agreements made pre-covid that now are being tested.

A website development company reports that large customers that were ready to take the leap for all-new websites prior to mid-March are not yet ready to move ahead for fear of marketplace changes. But other customers called early on to get COVID-operational notices added to their websites. And still others expanded their online product sales with features like Chat.

A hair stylist reported he’s working 12-hour days to make up for the three months customers could not come into his salon for color and cut upkeep.

Allstar has found that as an essential business the work never stopped. In fact, work orders increased as homeowners required modifications to convert their electrical set up at their homes to be effective enough to function as office/school/daycare and more. And commercial/office building owners found the coronavirus period a perfect time to make modifications to buildings without disruption to office operations.

How things will pan out in the future we won’t know for months. But one sure thing is that Allstar is at the ready to solve your electrical issues. Call us today.