Electric Vehicle Charging Stations for Businesses

Electric vehicles are here to stay. What used to be a niche market for urban commuters with limited needs has morphed into an ever-expanding variety of electric-powered vehicles from sport cars to semis. According to industry sources, 90% of commercial fleet managers believe electric vehicles are the wave of the…

Are You Ready for Winter This Year?

With a record run of snowless days, bright, sunny skies, and temperatures in the 60s, it’s easy to overlook winter’s arrival. But savvy Coloradans know that Mother Nature is full of surprises and has a way of evening things out. So if you haven’t done it already, it’s time to…

Don’t Get Burned by Cheap LEDs

This image was made by Loadmaster (David R. Tribble)

Unlike incandescent and fluorescent bulbs that pass current through a filament or gas-filled tube, LED lights are devices that rely on several components to operate. And each of these pieces contribute to the performance and longevity of the bulb.

What’s in…

Space Heaters Offer Winter Savings

The year-long COVID pandemic has forced most of us to change our lifestyles—some of us dramatically. Work-from-home has surged and is likely to become much more prevalent than pre-COVID days. Kids have been locked out of most schools for months. And going out, whether to dinner, movies or concerts, has…

Planning for an Intimate Winter

This winter promises to be a season to remember. Not only will we have the usual assortment of storms and other inconveniences, but for the first time in our lifetimes most of us will be forced to endure them stuck at home due to the COVID restrictions—without the happy relief…

Treat Yourself to a Winter Reading Retreat

One of life’s little pleasures on a cold winter’s night is curling up with a good book in a cozy nook away from the storm. Add a plush chair, a warm blanket, and a cup of your favorite winter beverage and your imagination can let you escape the winter blahs.

Winter Safety for Seniors

Whether you’re aging in place or living with an older relative, you should be aware that winter comes with special risks to senior citizens. Here are some concerns to address if you or someone living with or near you is “of a certain age.”

Older adults lose body…

Are You Ready for Winter?

Winter officially arrives in the Denver area at 9:19 p.m. Saturday, December 21st, and if this fall was any indication, there’s plenty of cold, snow, and ice to come. The mountains are measuring snow in feet, not inches, and heavy snow followed by days of sub-freezing temperatures left many city…

Three End-of-Winter Projects for Your Home

After months of being trapped in an airtight (more or less) box, you may have noticed some things are different than in warm weather. With doors and windows sealed against the cold, dark nights, furnaces working overtime, and extra cooking and washing, issues with air quality and lighting are more…

Next Gen Light Fixtures

Wander through a Home Depot lighting department and very little looks much different than it did 10 years ago. But jump online to either www.trendir.com or www.archiexpo.com, and you’ve entered the very definition of futurism.

Both of these websites are authorities on influential design trends and new age…

Are You Ready for Winter?

Winter’s coming and along with snowmen and sleigh rides, it brings its own set of hazards to your comfort and safety. But with a few precautions, you can look forward to keeping safe and snug when winter rolls in.

Here a few things to consider:

Keep Your Home Warm and…

5 Easy Tips For Lowering Your Winter Energy Bills

Colorado winters are unpredictable. Temperatures can swing over a 100-degree range in January and February, and while playing a round of golf on Valentine’s Day isn’t unheard of, you can be assured that there will be bone-chilling periods, too.

With energy costs predicted to rise between 8 and 18 percent…

Winter Vacation Planning Tips

Whether you’re visiting relatives for the holidays or making a pilgrimage to warmer climes for the winter, here are some tips on how to make your home safe while you’re away and pleasant to return to.

Disconnect Energy-Wasting Electrical Appliances

Modern appliances usually draw some electrical current even when they’re…

Is Your Electric Fence Affected by Dry Winter Weather?

Colorado winters can be extremely dry. Snowfall can be unpredictable and can melt away and evaporate quickly in our intense high-altitude sunlight. The dry weather has an especially large impact on farmers and ranchers, not only on crops and livestock, but farm equipment, as well.

An important part of that…

Brace for Winter Storms with a UPS

No, we’re not talking about those guys in a brown truck. In this case, UPS stands for Uninterruptible Power Supply, and when winter storms knock out your electrical service, you’ll be glad you have one. 

Prevent Catastrophic Power Failure to Critical Systems and Devices

An Uninterruptible…

Be Prepared for Winter Emergencies

Nature has a way of throwing us curves at the most inconvenient times. Summertime power outages are a nuisance, but at least you can hang out on the patio and grill up something to eat on the Weber. In the winter, power outages can be deadly.

While most electrical outages…

Winter is a Good Time to Think Basements

Nobody likes working on projects outdoors when the days are short and the winds are cold. That’s why winter is the perfect time to head for the basement.

Before we start, we’ll look at your project and make sure everything is safe and conforms to codes. Moisture can be a…

Be Prepared with Winter Power Outage Tips

Allstar Electrical Services, serving metro Denver for over a decade, reminds consumers that winter power outages often occur and taking precautions will keep people and their homes safe

DENVER, CO – Already this winter there have been power outages reported in many jurisdictions across the country, particularly in New England,…

Service agreements – the next cultural frontier

In our internet world, technology and relationships are often mutually exclusive.  You don’t have to talk with a retailer to make an online purchase. Even little things that used to be a time-consuming nuisance, like going to the Post Office, can be done today online, saving time and sparing you…

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