You’ve gone the green limit.

And yet you’re realistic. You’re aware that you need to protect these pricy air conditioners and heat pumps especially inverter-based systems. These higher end units are expensive and sensitive…to electrical surges.

Count on Allstar Electrical.

Easily installed in your garage or housed in a NEMA Rated 3R enclosure for outdoor installations, the Line Voltage Monitor warranties for surges up to 3-years and $10,000.

Line Voltage Monitor with Surge Protection

  • Protects against over and under voltage, rapid short cycling and high-power surges
  • Programmable set points to determine cutoff
  • Ideal for inverter systems, mini-splits, and other condensing units
  • Fault history feature records and retains the most recent faults in non-volatile memory 
  • Bank of five L-L Surge Arresters
  • Easy to view, backlit digital display
  • Built-in 40A contactor
  • Waterproof, NEMA–Rated 3R enclosure for outdoor use
  • Easy installation and setup
  • Limited lifetime product, up to a 3-year $10,000 connected equipment warranty.