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Have you ever considered that the safety of your child when he/she is at school has not just a little to do with the facility and how modern the infrastructure is?

Has it crossed your mind that students in a district with adequate technology to go around have an advantage over districts where sharing is the norm?

Allstar Electrical Services is the electrical contractor of choice for a number of Colorado school districts including Boulder Valley, Wheat Ridge, Evergreen, Denver and Aurora. Our crews of electricians can be found working at the schools during the summer months when the district offers a traditional summer break. For some of our larger projects, like the $3 million electrical upgrades performed at Boulder Valley High School, Allstar Electrical Services has worked for three summers on the phased remodel/retrofit project.

Taxing agencies like your local school district rely on Allstar Electrical’s efficient attendance to completing projects on time and at budget, every time.

There’s nothing that gives Allstar Electrical Services more satisfaction than modernizing our state’s schools to accommodate the increased loads that newer technology requires. And the electricians on our force whose own students attend the schools we’ve had opportunity to retrofit have every confidence that their child(ren) are in a secure and safe setting while learning.

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