Circuit Additions

Business people and homeowners quite often find themselves with new equipment and appliances as the electronics in modern life keep expanding to meet business and lifestyle demands. Occasionally this causes problems like potential overloading of specific circuits, but it’s a relatively simple matter for the licensed and professional electricians at Allstar Electrical Services to add capacity in the circuits, add new circuits and balance out the electrical load. This provides a good measure of safety, of course, and it also helps to keep nagging circuit breaks at bay.

Electrical power needs room-by-room in the home and workstation-to-workstation in businesses are always evolving with new gear and equipment, or as rooms or work areas change in their use patterns. This often alters the electrical profile of the space as it was designed, and periodic circuit additions and alterations may be called for. Allstar Electrical Services can be called in when problems crop up, of course, but if a room or work area is being repurposed in a way that will change its electrical demand profile, calling us in before making the switch for a load evaluation will ensure safety and convenience.

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