Agricultural Grow Lighting

Allstar Electrical Services has seen a big jump in recent years in homeowners wanting to grow herbs, peppers, other vegetables, and even flowers indoors year round in a room of their house, in the basement or greenhouses. This is a real prime example of “urban farming,” and we get the desire to have fresh plants for use even in the winter. We found out about the trend, however, after being called in to fix problems when these grow-lights operations go haywire or overload circuits.

The trend is being fueled in large part by the makers of grow lights and indoor growing bins, and in our experience many of the electrical devices that come with these kits are either substandard for the American marketplace, or eat up too much electrical power to be operated safely. We’re not against the trend – we like fresh produce and flowers as much as the next person – but these operations are typically high-power demand systems that must be installed and wired properly to work in an efficient and safe manner.

If you’ve reached the point of Impatiens with your agricultural grow light kit, and think you’ve given it more Thyme that it’s worth, then get some Sage advice and electrical expertise from Allstar Electrical Services. We can fix it to operate properly if it’s Parsley done, or we can Mustard the expertise to get the installation right from the start.

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