New Options for This Heating Season

It’s never a good time to replace your heating and cooling system, but if yours is giving hints it’s about ready to go, or if it quits on you, there are more options than ever to replace it with updated technology and efficiency. More and more, these systems are also carbon neutral and eco -friendly.

Here are some options, from least efficient to most efficient:

Gas-fired Furnaces (least efficient)

Needless to say, gas-fired furnaces are not carbon neutral, nor are they very electric other than their motors and thermostats. But if your local government permits it (many have or are considering eliminating natural gas hookups), furnace manufacturers have developed several units that are Energy Star rated. Those models can be found on the Energy Star website. But do some research to be sure you’re not overpaying for a high energy rating.

Space Heaters

Space heaters can be efficient ways to spot-heat cold or drafty rooms but are generally not very efficient at heating larger rooms. They can be expensive to run and come with their own set of safety concerns. See this article for more information on using space heaters.

Baseboard Heaters and Radiators

Electric baseboard heaters are efficient in that they convert 100% of the energy they use into heat, but they use a lot of it, often over 50% of winter electric bills in cold months. Both electric and hot water heaters offer pleasant, quiet heat since they don’t use blowers. Hot water systems typically use gas-fired boilers to heat the water, so they, like gas-fired furnaces, add to carbon emissions.

Mini-Split Heat Pumps – Very Efficient

Mini-split heat pumps are designed to warm single spaces such as hotel rooms, sheds, and garages. They are extremely efficient, often generating more energy than they consume due to the way they capture heat from outdoor sources, even in cold weather, and compress it for both winter heating and cooling in the summer. Learn more about mini-split heaters and air conditioners here.

Whole House Heat Pumps – Most Efficient

Whole house heat pumps have become the “gold standard” in energy-efficient, environmentally friendly heating and air conditioning. They take outside air and convert it into warm or cool air as needed.

Originally seen as poor choices for cold climate heating, technological advances have made heat pumps effective in even the coldest of climates. Skeptical? Read this article about how a heat pump keeps people warm 200 miles above the arctic circle.

You can read more about how heat pumps work here.

And Don’t Forget to Insulate

Regardless of how you heat your home or business, its efficiency will nosedive if the air you paid to heat (or cool) escapes to the outdoors. Adding or upgrading insulation and sealing leaky doors, windows, and other escape routes can have a dramatic effect on efficiency—and costs.

So Is a Heat Pump Right For You?

If you’re facing replacement of a ducted air conditioner or furnace, a heat pump could be an attractive choice, even in Colorado’s cold and dry climate. If you want to heat and cool a specific space—a garage, shed, auxiliary dwelling, or problem area of your home or business, for example—a ductless mini-split is an excellent option.

And with incentives and rebates offered by governments and utilities, they may be more affordable than you think.

Need Help? You’re Not Alone

Choosing a heat pump can be confusing and mistakes can be costly. Don’t hesitate to call the pros at Allstar Electrical Services for help.

Whether it’s a mini-split or a whole house ducted system, electrical work will be needed with any system you choose for your home or business. The unit(s) may need a dedicated 240-volt line as well as other wiring and connections, work that should only be done by a licensed electrical contractor. So don’t risk your comfort and safety by overlooking important electrical work to make your home improvements function at their best all year round. 

Allstar Electrical Services delivers the expertise and quality results you expect and deserve for your projects, whatever your needs may be. Just give us a call at (303) 399-7420 or visit our website. Then use our handy online forms to request a free estimate or set up an appointment. We’ve served the Front Range for over 20 years, are top-rated by the Better Business Bureau, and are proud to be listed as a preferred contractor by Angi’s Home Advisor.