Commercial Electrical Evaluation Audit

The electrical service on any commercial property (an office building, a warehouse, an industrial operation) is key to the comfort, safety and productivity of all of the property’s occupants. An interruption in service can be devastating to business operations, leading to unnecessary downtime, customer contact problems, tenant issues and much more. With the exclusive Commercial Electrical Evaluation Audit for Allstar Electrical Services of Denver, all challenges related to a property’s electrical service can be quickly addressed or eliminated before they become an interruption. Or, as the property owner or manager, you’ll have the peace of mind that everything is ship-shape and ready for all building operations to grow and prosper.

Allstar Electrical Services was found by long-time Colorado licensed electrician Gary Stone in 2000 to serve the electrical service needs of commercial and residential customer alike. Stone himself and his team of licensed electricians have broad experience in commercial electrical service repair, rewiring, upgrading, troubleshooting and new installation. The company has worked with general contractors, retrofitters and commercial/industrial property owners all over the state of Colorado on commercial electrical projects large and small.

With this experience, Stone understands that a regular inspection of a commercial building’s electrical service box or boxes can often forestall and prevent an electrical service interruption before an issue erupts. These are the areas where the utility lines feed the property and the circuit breakers, fuses and meters are located that deliver electrical service to the property. Electricians refer to these boxes as the service panels.

In commercial properties the most typical problems to electrical panels are age, weather damage, and overloading of circuits, says Stone. Allstar’s Commercial Electrical Evaluation Audit can raise any red flags before a service outage shuts down the businesses at the property.

“In my experience, many commercial properties were built to handle one type of business operation and over the years there has been significant change in that business or a different tenant has moved in with different electrical use patterns,” says Stone. “Sometime these shifts happen without regard to the impact on the electrical system, which could and often does jeopardize electrical service. Weather also plays a role as these panels tend to be outside and subject to every weather and moisture extreme possible. Our service ensures your building is where it needs to be or it clearly shows what improvements should be made.”

The cost for the Commercial Electrical Evaluation Audit varies for commercial property owners depending on the number of electrical panels involved. These visual inspections of the property’s electrical service box and circuit breaker panel check for any potential hazards, such as undersized service, loose connections, moisture intrusion, worn out or outdated circuit breakers, illegal or out-of-code wiring, and all issues that may affect the safety of the service or its ability to deliver adequate electrical to the structure.

Allstar Electrical Services personnel can also performs more extensive electrical audits throughout the commercial property, inspecting lighting, receptacles, appliance and tools connections and more for signs of wear or distress. Costs for these services would depend on the size of the structure.

Allstar Electrical performs a full range of electrical services for homeowners, commercial and industrial properties, including new construction electrical installation, repair and maintenance, lighting systems, photovoltaic solar systems, and complete remodeling services. For more information on the Commercial Electrical Evaluation Audit and all of the firm’s services visit or call 303-399-7420.


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