Infrared Panel Scanning

Allstar Electrical Services uses the very latest technology to diagnose potential electrical problems for both homeowners and commercial property managers.

One of the leading examples is the Infrared Scanner, a sophisticated device used to quickly and efficiently measure potential overheating in electrical connections and equipment, which could be a sign of imminent failure.

Our professional electricians scan the service panel for trouble signs and then can make the necessary repairs or adjustments before trouble sets in. Most of the time these scans reveal that nothing is wrong, but occasionally we find a circuit that is overheating and about to blow – an easy fix – or a line that is frayed and heating and needs to be replaced.

We also scan equipment, especially equipment with electric motors, and can spot the potential for failure.

Our Infrared Scanning Service is an inexpensive trouble-shooting process that most often produces peace of mind. Just another example where Allstar Electrical Services provides its customers with cutting-edge technology and services to nip a potential problem in the bud and keep the home, office building or industrial facility working safely.

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