Lighting Tips

It’s Time to Switch to LED

Long-lasting LED lamps are the unquestioned leader in economically lighting homes and offices, and with more choices and lower prices there’s no reason to not make the switch.

Early LED bulbs were low on output and high in price, but that’s changed. Today you can get LED bulbs in every strength and color tone you had in older, less efficient tungsten and compact fluorescent (CFL) bulbs. And at prices that won’t scare you off.

Out With the Old and In With the New

With hot, inefficient tungsten bulbs getting scarce and the environmentally questionable CFLs you bought years ago reaching the end of their useful lives, the time has come to switch to LED. Most of the energy consumed by tungsten bulbs is wasted as heat, and even if you could find a CFL with pleasant-colored light, you still have the problem of disposing of them when they break or lose their output. The fluorescing powders and mercury they contain present environmental hazards making them toxic in regular trash, so they must be recycled properly.

Help Has Arrived

Customers served by Xcel Energy are being offered $3 discounts on select LED bulbs at participating stores, some of which also offer free CFL recycling. Xcel customers can go to this web page and enter their ZIP code to locate businesses participating in the program. Participating products are identified on the shelves with the discounted prices. No coupons, rebate forms, or other qualifications are needed.

Other utilities across the country have similar programs in place. Visit their websites for information.

Learn More About LEDs and Their Benefits

Allstar Electrical Services has several articles on our website about LED and lighting choices. These include:

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Maximize the Impact of Your Lighting Retrofit

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