Residential Electrical Evaluation


The electrical system in your home is, along with plumbing, the key infrastructure system that makes everything else possible (your comfort, your convenience, your entertainment, your wake-up alarm every morning, your safety, your very lifestyle). It needs to be in tip-top condition to handle the demands of everyday living, and an economical new service from Allstar Electrical Services is designed to offer homeowners true piece of mind: the Residential Preventative Maintenance Audit.

In our modern lives we are constantly adding electrical usage to our homes, what with stunning new entertainment systems with televisions, DVRs, game boxes, home computers, and music systems throughout the house, not to mention all of the electrical appliances we are adding to our kitchens and bathrooms all the time to make cooking and grooming easier. Many home electrical systems are insufficient to meet the new level of energy demand that exist today. The electrical was up to code when the house was built, but codes change often, and overloading an electrical system can lead to service interruptions or, worse, a fire hazard.

Get proactive and get a Residential Preventative Maintenance Audit for your home by Allstar Electrical Services. Our evaluation inspection covers:

  • Pull and Check Main Service Panel        
  • Check grounding and bonding at the main service
  • Check wiring to include the following
  • Tighten screws and lugs on breakers
  • Apply Nolox mix on aluminum wires
  • Check for double-tapped breakers
  • Check for overloaded circuits
  • Verify main breaker size matches SEC cable into home
  • Check all outlets with tester looking for open grounds, neutral wires and proper polarity
  • Test/inspect GFCI outlets and breakers
  • Check condition of wiring in open attic space
  • Verify sump pump outlets have power and test sump pumps
  • Survey for property surge protection
  • Check smoke detector batteries. Replace up to two (2) standard batteries (9 volt) if needed.

Costs for the Residential Preventative Maintenance Audit depend on the square footage of your home. Contact Allstar today to schedule your home evaluation.

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