Residential Electrical Evaluation Audit

The electrical system in your home is, along with plumbing, the key infrastructure system that makes everything else possible (your comfort, your convenience, your entertainment, your wake-up alarm every morning, your safety, your very lifestyle). It needs to be in tip-top condition to handle the demands of everyday living, and an economical new service from Allstar Electrical Services is designed to offer homeowners true piece of mind: the Residential Electrical Evaluation Audit.

In our modern lives we are constantly adding electrical usage to our homes, what with stunning new entertainment systems with televisions, DVRs, game boxes, HD operators, and music systems throughout the house, not to mention all of the electrical appliances we are adding to our kitchens and bathrooms all the time to make cooking and grooming easier. Many homes, particularly those built more than 15 years ago and especially those homes 40 years older or more, have electrical systems that didn’t anticipate this level of demand. The electrical was up to code when the house was built, but codes change often over time, and overloading an electrical system can lead to service interruptions or, worse, a fire hazard.

We at Allstar Electrical Services see this all the time. A homeowner calls to have us install a few new outlets or attractive new lighting systems and we discover an antiquated 100 Amp electrical service that simply can’t handle the expected usage; 200 Amp service is the norm nowadays. In some cases we are restricted from making minor electrical alterations in a home because the basic service would never pass muster with inspectors. This is especially true in homes that have undergone a remodeling project or an addition to the home that broadens electrical usage.

”Most people don’t check their electrical box unless a circuit breaks or power to the structure is interrupted. Our audit will either bring peace of mind that everything is ship-shape, or we can recommend repairs and improvements,” says Gary Stone, a licensed Colorado electrician who founded Allstar Electrical Services in 2000.

The exclusive Residential Electrical Evaluation Audit from Allstar Electrical Services is an easy an economical way to determine if your home’s electrical system is providing you and your family with safe, reliable and adequate electrical service.

Allstar recommends its Residential Electrical Evaluation Audit on any property older than 15 years, or on homes that have undergone remodeling or additions. The cost is a flat rate of $150 for homeowners and includes a visual inspection of the property’s electrical service box and circuit breaker panel. Allstar’s licensed electricians check for any potential hazards, such as undersized service (e.g. 100 amp versus 200 amp), loose connections, moisture intrusion, worn out or outdated circuit breakers, illegal or out-of-code wiring, and all issues that may affect the safety of the service or its ability to deliver adequate electrical to the structure.

Allstar Electrical personnel can also performs more extensive electrical audits in homes, checking lighting, receptacles and appliance connections for signs of wear or distress. Costs for these services would depend on the size of the home.

Allstar Electrical performs a full range of electrical services for homeowners, commercial and industrial properties, including new construction electrical installation, repair and maintenance, lighting systems, photovoltaic solar systems, and complete remodeling services. For more information on the Residential Electrical Evaluation Audit and all of the firm’s services call 303-399-7420.        


For any residential electrical service, contact Allstar Electrical at or call 303.399.7420.

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