Snow Melt Systems

Let it snow.

It’s mid-summer, and yet it’s time to seriously consider a Snow Melt System…that is if you want it installed before the first snow of the season.
Snow Melt Systems come in a variety of options: from radiant in-floor heating to mats that are stretched across a driveway. The…

Smart Thermostats Save in Summer Too

When people think about thermostat settings it’s usually in the context of saving heating costs in winter. But air conditioning demands in summer can add considerably to your electrical bill, sometimes more than heating does. That’s because in some places electricity costs more per BTU than natural gas. It’s especially…

Avoid Costly Mistakes with a Mid-Project Walkthrough

Whether it’s a remodel or new construction, scheduling a work-in-progress walkthrough with your architect/designer and subcontractors can avoid annoying and costly re-dos. A careful assessment of electrical and plumbing installations after the framing is up but before drywall is hung lets you confirm that walls, doors, and windows are where…

Is Your Home a Nest of Spies?

As homeowners add more “smart” devices are they inviting a nest of spies into their private spaces? Recent revelations of hidden microphones, cameras, and digital assistants that constantly eavesdrop make it seem like we’re all living in a Cold War spy movie.

A Nest of Spies

Google acknowledged this month…

Are You Ready for Spring Storms?

Each spring we remind readers that winter isn’t the only time that weather emergencies occur. Colorado has the second-highest number of lightning strikes in the nation, surpassed only by Florida. The state ranked third in the highest number of large hailstorms in 2014, and the Front Range has had numerous…

Rebates Save on Summer Electric Bills

Most utility companies in the US offer rebates on energy-saving upgrades and some of them can be substantial. For instance, Xcel Energy, the primary energy provider in Colorado and seven other Western and Midwestern states has programs that subsidize insulation, cooling equipment, and thermostat upgrades. Here’s what they offer.


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