Cost Effective Summer Cooling

Electric rates are climbing with little prospect for relief. Even if generating costs come down, the massive infrastructure plans for utilities promise to add considerably to future bills.

So how do you keep control of your summer cooling costs? Fortunately, Colorado consumers have plenty of options.

Save Energy…

Are You Ready for Spring Storms?

Recent downpours and damaging winds serve as reminders that winter isn’t the only time that weather emergencies occur. Colorado has the second-highest number of lightning strikes in the nation, surpassed only by Florida. The state averages 234 hailstorms each year and had the highest per-capita loss from them…

Use Heat Pumps to Cool Your Home

If your pre-season air conditioner inspection shows it’s time to consider a replacement, take a look at a heat pump. That’s right, a heat pump.

Heat Pumps Aren’t Just for Heating

Heat pumps are suffering from an identity crisis. While they do, in fact, pump heat around, they…

April Showers Call for Backup Power

As we transition from winter snow to spring and summer showers, the threat of power outages lurks in the darkening clouds. Unlike snow and ice storms, thunderstorms pack a punch that can cripple transmission lines across wide areas. They’re particularly dangerous in Colorado where lightning strikes more often…

Home EV Charging Reduces Driver Concerns

With US electric vehicle (EV) sales growing—about 7% of new car sales this year—keeping them charged is causing many owners to worry.


According to a recent article in the Washington Post, people are finding that the public charging system is unreliable, inconvenient, and confusing. Calling the…

Electrical Upgrades Add Outdoor Summer Enjoyment

Spring has finally sprung and Colorado residents are looking forward to enjoying their patios, decks, yards, and gardens when the warm weather settles in.

Now’s the time to plan ahead for adding to that enjoyment with electrical upgrades and maintenance.

Repairs and Maintenance
Winter can take a…