The Gift Of Electrical Needed

This holiday season likely exponentially increased your electrical needs. Mine did. I got the Catch:2 Essentials multi-device wireless charging wrapped in designer-quality Belgian Linen that charges multiple devices at one time. It looks like art on my desk and, of course, it needs to plug in.

I also was gifted…

Are You Ready for Winter This Year?

With a record run of snowless days, bright, sunny skies, and temperatures in the 60s, it’s easy to overlook winter’s arrival. But savvy Coloradans know that Mother Nature is full of surprises and has a way of evening things out. So if you haven’t done it already, it’s time to…

2021 Holiday Home Safety Tips

With relaxed travel and gathering restrictions this year, many of us are looking forward to more entertaining and overnight guests in our homes. Here are a few tips on how to keep your home both welcoming and safe throughout the holiday season.

  • Don’t overload circuits
    Typical household branch…

Don’t Let Your Roof Be Dammed This Winter

Icicle lights may be pretty at holiday time, but if you have the real things, you may have a problem with ice dams.

Colorado is notorious for its wintertime freeze-and-thaw cycles. They play havoc with our roads and bridges, causing cracks and potholes. They crack our mountains, sending rocks and…

Stay Safe When Hanging Holiday Lights

As Covid-19 restrictions ease this holiday season, festive outdoor lighting is a great way to celebrate long overdue gatherings. But just as we continue to take precautions against the pandemic, careful practices are called for in hanging your outdoor lights for the season.
Here are some tips to keep…

Extra Kitchen Outlets Add Holiday Convenience & Safety

The holiday season brings gatherings of family and friends and with pandemic restrictions easing this year could mean plenty of extra mouths to feed. Will your kitchen stand up to the added demand for prep work, cooking, and serving?

An Abundance of Appliances

It seems that there’s an appliance for…