Urban Farming and Agricultural Grow Lighting

Recent changes in local laws have sparked interest in growing plants normally found in outdoor gardens in indoor settings. These plants require more light than is typically found indoors, causing a spike in grow light sales. It has also led to numerous electrical problems, from overloading and power outages to shocks and fires.

Most of these problems originate from overloading household circuits or faulty, substandard equipment—or both.

Don’t Overload Circuits

While homes may have 200 amps or more in total power available, branch circuits can be rated as low as 15 amps. Trying to run several thousand watts worth of lighting will cause them to trip breakers or blow fuses. Unfortunately, some people try to solve the problem by replacing breakers or fuses with ones with a higher amperage rating, which is not only illegal, but an invitation to disaster. Drawing more current than wiring is designed for causes overheating that can lead to fire inside walls and total loss of a structure.

Jury-rigged setups with nests of extension cords or, even worse, attempts to draw current directly from the main power supply not only risks fires, but are serious electrocution hazards.

Choose Safe Indoor Grow Lights and Equipment

Beyond wiring problems, the proliferation of indoor grow lights and other equipment has led to a glut of substandard products on the market. Many are manufactured by companies that don’t meet U.S. safety standards. Others are poorly made and consume much more power than is necessary.

Remember Lighting, Heating and Ventilation Needs

Growing food, flowers, or herbal remedies indoors can be a fun and productive hobby, especially here in Colorado where our outdoor growing season is short. But like any other hobby or business, it takes specialized knowledge to be successful. Don’t overlook your electrical needs in your plans. Light, heat, and ventilation are just as important as proper soil and nutrition to growing healthy crops.

Call Allstar for Professional Electrical Expertise

If you’ve reached the point of Impatiens with your indoor agriculture efforts, and think you’ve given it more Thyme that it’s worth, then get some Sage advice and electrical expertise from Allstar Electrical Services. We can fix it to operate safely and effectively if it’s Parsley done, or we can Mustard the expertise to get your urban farming installation right from the start.

Get started here by requesting a free consultation. We’ll even offer 10% off your next electrical service. Then relax knowing that your indoor urban agricultural setup is safe, efficient, and productive.