Access Control Systems

Many office buildings, office suites, plants, warehouses, multi-family apartment/condo developments, parking structures, even gated communities utilize Access Control and Card Access systems to secure entry to qualified individuals and to provide them convenient and quick access. Allstar Electrical Services has wired and installed hundreds of these systems throughout Colorado.

These Access Control Systems are specialized security systems that link door or gate opening mechanisms to magnetic or infrared devices, or keypads for codes, where access is to be limited to individuals designated by the building management. People entering simply swipe or wave a card or key fob on the access panel and the door or gate either opens or unlocks long enough for entry.

Access Control Systems are often couple with Closed-Circuit Television systems (CCTV) that add an extra level of security and documentation to the limited-access facility. Allstar Electrical Services personnel are experts in installing these systems, giving facilities managers and tenants alike the peace of mind that comes with modern security systems.

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