Lighting Trends—What’s New for 2016?

Each winter, interior designers and decorators hunker over their drawing boards (or more likely, their computers) and dream up new ideas for construction projects in the coming year. This creativity extends to lighting along with floor plans, cabinetry, countertops and colors. And while lighting fashion doesn’t come and go as quickly as some other trends, there always seems to be something new and different on the horizon.

Here are a few of the new things lighting designers were looking at the recent Lightovation lighting conference in Dallas for 2016:

Mid-Century Modern Revival

The bold, clean lines of the 50s and 60s work well with most any décor, modern to traditional. Advances in LED technology are allowing designers more freedom to work with the organic shapes so characteristic of that period, too.

Modern Rustic

While this may seem like a contradiction of terms, handcrafted, artisanal designs are finding their way into décors ranging from modern—where they soften the look—to more traditional and even industrial styles.

Larger Fixtures

Bigger chandeliers and pendants are being used as statement pieces everywhere from entryways to kitchen islands and living areas to draw eyes upward and fill open spaces.

Warmer Metals

Chrome and stainless still dominate the kitchen and bath markets, but designers are incorporating warmer tones like oiled bronze, copper, and brass into warm and earthy color schemes. Mixed metals like silver and gold or copper and brass are showing up in both modern and traditional designs.

New Ideas for Ceiling Fans

As consumers become more energy conscious, ceiling fans are coming into wider use. Designers haven’t overlooked them, either, adding styles to fit any décor theme including a 99” monster that’s reminiscent of a vintage windmill.

Creative Use of LEDs

The evolution of LED technology has freed designers from the limitations of bulb-and-socket fixtures. This has led to lighting in sizes and shapes formerly impractical or unachievable.

Relatively small changes in lighting can have a big impact on décor without the expense of a major renovation. The pros at Allstar Electrical Services are constantly monitoring the latest lighting designs and energy-saving innovations to bring to their residential and commercial customers.

If a lighting upgrade is on your list for 2016, Allstar Electrical is ready to help. Let us show you the latest designs and the many ways LED lighting and other energy-saving technologies can be integrated into your home or business. Call us at 303-399-7420.

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