Bundle Electrical Work Saves Time and Money

Overall inflation is hitting 40-year highs with rates topping 8% every month this year. Bad as that is, electric rates are climbing even higher.

With bills jumping as much as 40% during the heaviest use summer months, cutting back energy use even a little can add up to significant savings over the course of the summer.

A good place to start is this article we published last spring that details many ways to improve energy efficiency in your home. Along with things like buying energy-efficient appliances, turning down your water heater, washing clothes in cold water, and using programmable or “smart” thermostats to keep air conditioning costs down, a thorough assessment of your energy saving potential will go a long way to offsetting rising electricity bills.

Make a List

Besides bigger items like upgrading your electrical service or adding a home charging station for an electric vehicle, there are bound to be a handful of other things like fixing broken outlets and switches or installing a ceiling fan that get put off because it doesn’t seem worth the trouble and expense of calling an electrician out to do them.

That’s where making a list can save you time and money. Just like you wouldn’t drive to the supermarket for a bar of soap, you add it to your shopping list for your next trip. You can do the same with the electrical work you need.

Bundling Work Saves in Several Ways

Contractors make detailed schedules and materials lists to avoid costly delays and confusion. The same principles can make your home projects more efficient and affordable.

When you schedule a major electrical job, your contractor will plan on the time and materials needed to get the work done. But our electrical service vans are stocked with most every other part and fixture needed to do other common work. Giving your contractor a “shopping list” of several jobs to do at once lets them plan for the tasks to be done.

Most electrical work is priced on a time-and-materials basis along with a “trip charge” to cover the expense driving to and from the job site. While it doesn’t make a lot of sense to pay a trip charge to change a single three-dollar outlet, your electrician will have that and other parts in their van and can grab and install it in a matter of minutes. And the more things you can have done in a single trip can add up to considerable savings.

Like nearly all other service businesses, electrical contractors are experiencing a shortage of qualified technicians, too. Bundling jobs lets them schedule their resources more efficiently, cutting down on response times and delays, resulting in faster, more convenient service to all their customers. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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