Should You Consider Hiring a Lighting Designer?

The type and placement of lighting is important to the function and enjoyment of a home. It adds drama, affects moods and makes functional areas like kitchens, laundries, and workspaces safer and more efficient. And it’s too often neglected when remodeling or renovating.

A good lighting design includes choosing the products that are right for the room and its uses, choices that might not occur to you or your contractor.

Here are some benefits of having a lighting pro part of your remodeling plan.

  • They understand how lighting works to add beauty and functionality
  • They understand how proper (and improper) lighting affects things like plants, furnishings, and artwork
  • They personalize lighting to fit your tastes
  • They’re up to date on the latest technology and trends
  • They’re familiar with all types of fixtures and controls
  • They’re up to date on building and electrical codes

Lighting designers also play an important role in planning lighting needs for commercial and institutional spaces. Proper commercial lighting improves productivity, morale, and safety in workspaces, so consider hiring a professional as part of your design team.

Finding a Lighting Designer

Lighting designers can work independently and other professionals like architects, interior designers, and lighting contractors may be qualified lighting designers as well. Lighting designers aren’t licensed and certification isn’t widely adopted, so ask about the person’s experience and to see a portfolio of their work along with references.

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