Backup Generator Benefits

The heavy, wet snowstorms of spring and fall can wreak havoc on power lines, and construction or traffic mishaps are year-round threats to your electric service. With more and more households dependent on electronic devices and the increasing number of people working from home, a prolonged outage can escalate from an inconvenience to a major problem. That’s why having a standby power supply is becoming a necessity for many homeowners.

Temporary Power or a Permanent Solution?

A portable generator can come in handy to run a few essential items for a short time, but they also come with some concerns. They’re typically gasoline powered, so they need to be safely run to prevent dangerous carbon monoxide buildup. Attaching them improperly to a home electrical system can also result in shock hazards, expensive damage to wiring, or even fires.

A home standby generator, on the other hand, is permanently wired into the home electrical system by licensed professionals for safe, dependable operation. They usually run on natural gas or propane and are mounted outside the home like an air conditioner.

Standby generators can be sized to fit your needs. They can power a few essential circuits for things like refrigerators, freezers, furnaces, and essential lighting, or they can supply the entire house, providing a seamless transition to auxiliary power.

While long-term outages aren’t that common in urban areas in Colorado, they’re not unheard of. And even a few hours without power can cause real problems, whether it happens in the middle of getting ready for a big holiday dinner or pulling an all-nighter to have a presentation ready for animportant meeting the next day.

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