Get Ready for Summer - Fans for Outdoor Comfort and Style

outdoor fanSummer nights in Colorado are perfection. The bright, hot sun of the day has set behind the mountains, there’s a soft, cool breeze, and most of the state is relatively free of bothersome airborne bugs. It’s a perfect time to relax on the patio or deck and let the day’s cares waft away.

Of course nature doesn’t always cooperate. Structures can retain heat from the sun, and the air can be remarkably calm. Or you may want to use your outdoor spaces during the heat of the day. An outdoor fan can save the day…or the night.

Ceiling Fans

Decks and patios with overhangs and covered gazebos or pergolas are ideal for ceiling fans designed for outdoor use. There are hundreds of choices of styles and sizes, from wicker and rattan that evoke a stay in the islands to modern and industrial designs to match your décor. Some, like one by Casa Vestige, incorporate a cage for low-clearance safety and energy-efficient LED lighting.

Wall-Mounted & Floor Fans

No roof? No problem. There are wall-mounted and floor fans rated for outdoor use, too. The Kaye 17” Oscillating Outdoor Wall Fan has the retro look of cabin fans used on trains and ocean liners of yesteryear. DecoBreeze has several standing fans for outdoor use, including ones that will take a misting kit for extra cooling on hot, dry days.

Wiring for Safety

Regardless of whether you choose a ceiling, wall mount or standing fan, it’s important that it’s wired properly. Outdoors is no place for sloppy, unsafe electrical connections. Having access to electric power outdoors is convenient, but it also comes with its own set of safety considerations. Allstar Electric Service knows how get power to your outdoor fixtures safely and conveniently.

Outdoor electrical work is not a DIY project. All outdoor fixtures need to be properly grounded and outlets require GFCI protection. When you’re ready to add extra enjoyment to your summer outdoors, keep it safe and call a pro. Allstar Electrical’s Residential Service Division will gladly give you a thorough, professional assessment of your outdoor wiring needs.

Call the Pros

Allstar Electrical Service brings more than a 25 years’ experience in working with designers, builders and contractors into play for you. Why risk unsafe installation, annoying problems and costly emergencies? Contact the pros at Allstar Electrical Service today to schedule an appointment to review any of your home’s electrical needs. It’s as simple as calling 303.399.7420 or using our online service request, available anytime, day or night.

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Residential Safety Blanket

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