Electrical service upgrades for homes handle new demand and provide comfort and safety

Many homes even 10 years old, but especially older homes, have inadequate electrical service and wiring to handle the explosion of electric conveniences that define modern life

DENVER, CO – What with the real estate market continuing in the doldrums as a result of – and most likely the cause of — the recession, many homeowners in Colorado are deciding not to sell, but rather to do some remodeling to make their current home more livable for the long haul. Why not add a room, build out a basement, put in a new kitchen, expand the garage, or redo the landscaping? Many homeowners find that their existing homes, with a little work, can be just as comfortable as a new one and even more valuable.

At Allstar Electrical Services we get called in all the time to assist with the electrical needs of these projects and we often find that the electrical system is incapable of handling the increased demand.

And it’s not just for remodeling projects: even when a homeowner wants to add a few new outlets, install a swamp cooler or hot tub, or add exterior lighting for beauty and security, electrical demand becomes a key issue.

The reasons are many, but they start with the changing electrical codes over the years and the simple fact that modern life is far more based on electrical conveniences that far outstrip the electrical demand anticipated by builders – and code writers – even in 10-year-old homes, much less those that are decades old.

Plus, the issue of electrical demand also arises for those homeowners who actually decide to place their homes on the market: in many cases, especially in older homes, the electrical system in the home is so out of date, and out of code, that it needs to be upgraded before the home can even be offered for sale.

A residential electrical upgrade can not only insure that a home is capable of handling all of the electrical demand now and into the future, but it is also an investment in the safety and comfort of the home’s occupants.

It all begins with the circuit box, or the service panel, the centerpiece of any home’s electrical system and usually located outside on the back of the home where the power lines from the utility enter the structure. More than 40 years ago the basic standard for most homes was 60 amp service, and this was more than adequate for smaller homes back then that lacked any large-electrical-demand appliances like air conditioners. The standard switched to 100 amp service in most areas by the 1970s, as the size of new homes increased and more appliances came into vogue.

Today the basic standard, and code in most areas, is 200 amp service. It’s not hard to imagine why: A/C, or at least a swamp cooler, is now almost a given in most homes and literally all new homes, kitchen and bathroom appliances have exploded with an “app” to handle just about any cooking or grooming task, and the sheer boom in home electrical conveniences as computers and related hardware, as well television and entertainment systems replete with myriad add-on devices would boggle the imagination of home planners even 20 years ago. Electrical demand in the home has, quite obviously, expanded exponentially.

While homeowners themselves, with a little handy background, can perform some minor electrical upgrade tasks in their home – new plugs and switches, for instances – it is not recommended that anyone other than a professionally licensed electrician tackle something as complicated, or potentially hazardous, as a service panel upgrade. We at Allstar Electrical do these upgrades all the time, and without fail it drastically improves the electrical operation in any home and provides enough electrical capacity for remodeling projects, new appliances, and any and all lighting projects.

Another area where homes, and again especially older homes, need electrical system upgrades is in a home’s wiring. Wiring standards, and even the type of recommended wire and insulation used, have changed a lot over the last 10 to 20 years, and electricians regularly find wiring areas needing an upgrade even when performing minor repairs and installations. This frequently occurs when adding additional outlets and switches to accommodate a new entertainment system with a large-screen TV, digital recorder, sound system, cable/digital/HD boxes, DVD players and the like. Electricians often find that the room selected for the entertainment area lacks the wiring necessary to handle the job and that replacement wiring is called for.

Upgrading a home’s electrical system is a great investment in the comfort, safety and convenience of any home, and is an excellent and even essential platform for such wish-list items as a hot tub or spa, A/C unit or swamp cooler, and exterior lighting, and, of course, for any remodeling project that will add size to a house. When considering an electrical upgrade, have a licensed electrician perform a home system inspection to ascertain what level of service currently exists, how old and/or up-to-date the wiring may be, and be sure to anticipate the kind of add-ons and wish-lists that involve electrical usage so the home will be capable of handling anything electrical. The inspection will establish the baseline and help any homeowner decide on the type and extent of an electrical upgrade required.

For all of your electrical service needs, from minor repairs and outlet installation to major upgrades and remodeling projects, call of Allstar Electrical Services, serving the metro Denver and Front Range of Colorado for over 11 years with fully licensed professional electricians. Call 303-399-7420 for complete details. 

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