220 range and dryer outlets
220-volt outlet for large appliances such as washer, dryer, refrigerator and stereo equipment

alternating current—current that changes direction on regular intervals

Aluminum wiring repairs
aluminum wiring was used in homes in the ’60s and ’70s and is now deemed unsafe and more likely to cause a fire. Industry standard today is copper

Amp (Ampere)(A)
unit of measurement for intensity of electrical current

CCTV & card access systems
security systems including Closed Circuit Televisions (CCTV) used to digitally record specific locations through strategically placed cameras. Card access systems require specific key cards to unlock high-tech security locks

a complete circle from the source of energy through the conductors and then back to the energy source

Circuit breaker
equipment used to open and close circuits to predetermined currents without damage

Code corrections
making sure all electrical wiring is up to local code standards

a substance that is able to transfer electricity

a tube used to enclose electric wires or cables

direct current—current that moves in a single direction

Data cabling
any type of cable that transfers data, ex. Ethernet

Egress lights
exit pathway and exit lighting

an excessive current protective device that is broken when current exceeds determined levels

making electrical more environmentally friendly by cutting material waste and using more environment friendly components

conduction to the earth that acts as a neutral element

Infrared panel scanning
a security measure that uses infrared technology to determine electrical panels out of date and more prone to fire hazard

Kilowatt-hour (KWH)
work done at a rate equivalent to 1000W/hr

LED lighting
light emitting diode—LED lights have a much longer life span and use less power than standard light bulbs, thus are more economical

Ohm (O)
unit of measurement for electrical resistance

Photovoltaic known as PV
This is energy produced by radiant energy (the sun), which can be stored in solar panels that are commonly used today

PLC & motor controls
Programmable Logic Controller—programmable systems that provide factory automation by monitoring sensors and actuators

Standby and UPS systems
Uninterruptible Power Systems, an offline system powering equipment through AC outlets. When power fails here, the standby UPS power kicks in.

Surge Protector
an appliance used to protect electronics from a detrimental spike in voltage

equipment used for converting alternating electrical currents from high to low, or low to high voltages

Volt (V)
unit of measurement for electrical pressure

Watt (W)
unit of measurement for power of a current found by volt/amp

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