Hard Wired or Battery Smoke and CO Alarms?

As we button up our homes for winter, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors assume an even greater role in protecting property and loved ones from disaster.

Both battery-operated and hard-wired devices need to be tested monthly for proper operation and that’s a good time to assess whether…

Outdoor Holiday Lighting Safety Tips

Maybe you’re the type who waits for the Thanksgiving weekend to hang your outdoor lights for the holidays. Or maybe your outdoor lighting is in place by now. Either way, here are some tips to be safe and stay safe this holiday lighting season.

Be safe when hanging, maintaining, and…

Using Space Heaters Safely

Space heaters add comfort to drafty and hard-to-heat areas and can actually save money when used to heat individual rooms while keeping the central thermostat lower. But used carelessly they can be hazards to your property and your safety.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission estimates that around 25,000 house fires…

California Outages Show Backup Power Need

California’s Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) has been cutting power to hundreds of thousands of residents in an attempt to lower wildfire danger from downed power lines. Some people have been without electrical service for several days, creating concerns about food safety, water, and medical needs along with the considerable…

Is Your Breaker Box a Fire Hazard?

Circuit breakers, fuses, and GFCIs are safety devices designed to protect you from shocks, overloads, and electrical fires. But millions of breaker boxes installed in the 1960s through the 80s may defeat these life-saving protections.

A Federal Problem
Federal Pacific Electric was a manufacturer of circuit breakers and other…

Snow Melt Systems

Let it snow.

It’s mid-summer, and yet it’s time to seriously consider a Snow Melt System…that is if you want it installed before the first snow of the season.
Snow Melt Systems come in a variety of options: from radiant in-floor heating to mats that are stretched across a driveway. The…