Smart Thermostats Save in Summer Too

When people think about thermostat settings it’s usually in the context of saving heating costs in winter. But air conditioning demands in summer can add considerably to your electrical bill, sometimes more than heating does. That’s because in some places electricity costs more per BTU than natural gas. It’s especially true in areas where power companies increase electric rates during times of peak demand.

Four Ways to Save
Using programmable or smart thermostats lets you save on summer electrical bills in four ways:

  1. You don’t cool empty houses
    Setting your thermostat to keep the air conditioning off (or several degrees warmer) while you’re away at work or on vacation saves on wasted energy.
  2. You save on peak load surcharges
    Since peak loads usually occur during the afternoons while you may not be home, less use of your cooling system lowers what you consume when rates are highest.
  3. Your utility company may reward you
    Most utility companies have programs like Xcel Energy’s AC Rewards program that encourage lower energy use with reduced rates for program participants. Similar savings are offered by other utilities so check what’s available in your area.
  4. You can get discounts and rebates on smart thermostats
    Check with your electric company about discounts and rebates on smart thermostats. The savings can be considerable.

Save Even More on New Cooling Systems
Get up to $1200 in rebates for installing or upgrading energy-saving cooling systems including central air, evaporative coolers, heat pumps, and ductless heating and cooling systems. Click here for details about Xcel’s programs or consult your local utility for information on programs they may offer.

Most of these energy-saving measures apply to offices and commercial spaces too. Programs for commercial users may be different from residential customers, so check with your local utility for the programs they offer.

Need Help? Call a Pro
Many new devices need the expertise of a licensed electrician for safe and convenient installations. If you need additional wiring, switches, outlets, or other electrical work to improve your energy efficiency, the pros at Allstar Electrical Services are ready to help. We deliver the quality results you expect and deserve to ensure your project is done right, on budget and on schedule.

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