Service agreements – the next cultural frontier

In our internet world, technology and relationships are often mutually exclusive.  You don’t have to talk with a retailer to make an online purchase. Even little things that used to be a time-consuming nuisance, like going to the Post Office, can be done today online, saving time and sparing you the interaction with another human being.

But when it comes to repairs, emergencies and otherwise, anonymity can leave a property owner feeling unsettled that he or she isn’t going to get the quality repair that came with old-school formalities like a handshake.

That’s the reason Allstar Electrical Services, Inc. has instituted its WINTER SECURITY BLANKET protection for its loyal and long-term residential customers. Serving all of Colorado’s Front Range, from the Denver metro area to Colorado Springs, Allstar Electrical Services wants its valued clients to know that they come first in the event of an emergency call.

By signing up for Allstar Electrical’s Winter Security Blanket Agreement, customers can rest assured that in the event of an electrical emergency Allstar’s repair crews will prioritize the customer’s call, ensuring that an electrician is on the job site before the day is out. It’s the kind of confirmation that a homeowner welcomes, especially in the case of an electrical malfunction or breakdown.

“Our customers are supremely important to us,” says Gary Stone, President of Allstar Electrical Services, Inc. “Many of our customers have been with us since the day we opened our doors. They’ve come to count on us in emergencies, and yet the construction industry has become so competitive that quick response can be a luxury. We never want a valued customer to worry that his electrical repair will have to wait more than that day to be fixed.”

To that end, Allstar Electrical Service’s Winter Security Blanket Agreement, available for an annual fee of only $95, are like an insurance policy—protecting customers against the worry that they’ll ever be left literally in the dark or without other electrical service when an emergency arises.

Contact Allstar Electrical Service, Inc. today to enroll in the Premiere Customer Service Agreement and rest assured that you’ll get priority service if and when an electrical emergency arises. Call Allstar Electrical at (303) 399-7420 in Denver and 719-314-9419 in Colorado Springs. Or email President Gary Stone at gstone@allstarelectrical.com.