Safe Wiring for Multiple Devices

It’s a rare home office or entertainment center that doesn’t have cables and power cords running in all directions. Since many modern electronic devices draw very little current, it’s not uncommon to see power strips or multiplex outlets loaded with everything from battery chargers to television monitors. Sometimes, these items can be on the same circuit as larger appliances like coffeemakers or microwaves, and when they’re run simultaneously, circuit breakers can trip or fuses can blow. This can become a bigger problem if there is damage to power cords or internal wiring.

Circuit Overload

If you get tripped breakers or blown fuses, it may be from an overload, so the first thing to check is whether the problem is solved by removing some items from the circuit. If that doesn’t fix the problem, it may be a sign of other faults in the circuit. That’s when it’s time to call an electrician to inspect your wiring.

Overload problems aren’t limited to high-tech areas, either. Many older homes have only one or two convenience outlets in a room—a kitchen or bathroom, for instance. While it might be tempting to use a double adaptor or power strip for extra appliances, overloaded circuits can trip breakers or cause overheating leading to costly repairs or worse.

Electrical Warning Signs

About 60% of home fires are caused by electricity, and hundreds of thousands of accidents, injuries and deaths are traced to misuse or failure of electrical appliances. If you notice warm cords, unusual smells, dark marks around the outlets or sparking when inserting or removing a plug, you may have a dangerous situation that needs immediate attention.

Prevention is the Safest Route

The best way to protect your family and your property is by making sure your home’s electrical system is adequate for the demands on it and that all your wiring and appliances are in safe working order. If you find your electrical needs are greater than your home’s wiring can comfortably handle, the pros at Allstar Electrical Service are ready to help.

Professional Reconfiguration & Cable Rerouting

We can reconfigure wall outlets in your home office, entertainment center, or any other room so there is enough stable power to handle all of the devices, and in a convenient location where the unsightly cords can be hidden. We can route cables and phone lines wherever they might be needed. We can help you power and locate routers or signal boosters so that your wireless devices work flawlessly. We can even bring more power to your home if it wasn’t wired to handle modern loads. In the hands of our experts, a home built 100 years ago can be wired and cabled safely for all your current and future needs.

Electrical Evaluation Audits

In addition to specific electrical work, Allstar Electrical Services offers a Residential Electrical Evaluation Audit designed to give homeowners true piece of mind. It includes a visual inspection of your property’s electrical service box and circuit breaker panel. Then our licensed electricians check for any potential hazards such as undersized service, loose connections, moisture intrusion, worn out or outdated circuit breakers, illegal or out-of-code wiring, and any other issues that may affect the safety of your service or its ability to deliver adequate electrical power to your home.

Electricity makes our lives easier, but its use comes with responsibility. Respect it and use it properly to avoid accidents and emergencies.