Prevent Electrical Fires during the Holiday Season

Fall is in the air, and the holiday season is just around the corner. Like most of us, you are probably starting to formulate your plan for decorating your home inside and out. Even though most holiday decorations are designed to withstand the rigors of being put up, taken down, and up again, storing and using them improperly can potentially lead to an electrical fire. The good news is that by following these safety tips, you can decrease the chance of electrical fires, and truly enjoy the holiday season.

Basic Electrical Fire Prevention

Check for Safety Seals and Labels, and Inspect Electrical Decorations before Use

Decoration packaging shows seals and labels indicating they are approved for home and outdoor use. Using any decorating products that do not come with safety recommendations and industry seals is a risk and can be potentially hazardous.

Whether you are purchasing new or using existing decorations, you should always inspect them for frayed wiring, cracked or non-operational bulbs, and other defects. If your decorations show any signs of this type of wear or tear, do not use them.

Don’t Plug Multiple Electrical Decorations into One Outlet

Most outlets cannot handle the load required for multiple decorations. If used improperly, these outlets can overload and either trip the circuit breaker or worse, cause an electrical fire. Make sure you use multiple outlets to plug in your decorations. If you need more outlets installed indoor or outdoor, contact your local electrician and schedule them to install the new outlets before the holidays.

Replace Burned Out or Cracked Bulbs with the Same Wattage

You should always replace a bulb with one of the same wattage. If you don’t know the wattage, always use a bulb at a lower wattage to be safe. Using a bulb of higher wattage can cause the lights to overheat, and potentially start an electrical fire.

Turn Off and Unplug Electrical Decorations When Leaving Home

Turn off or unplug all decorations when leaving your home or going to sleep.
Trips can take longer than expected, so don’t leave anything to chance while you’re away.Also turn them off when going to bed, as no one will watching and able to respond quickly in the case of an electrical fire.

Call the Professionals

At Allstar Electrical, we want you and your family to have a safe and fun holiday season. If you need additional outlets installed or have any other electrical needs at your home or office, call us today at (303) 399-7420 to schedule an appointment with one of our licensed contractors. We have been Denver’s choice for electrical service for over 16 years, and our commitment is to provide the best service to you and your family for all of your electrical needs.