Power Up Your Home Sale with an Electric Service Review

When it comes to selling your home, anticipating and overcoming buyer objections can save a lot of time and money.

Sellers often content themselves with making the house look as nice as possible, sometimes spending considerable money on “staging” the home. While there is no doubt that first impressions count, it’s easy to forget that an aggressive buyer will look for as many ways as possible to beat the seller down on the price. And one of the most common ways to do that is with the home inspection.

Overlooking problems or choosing to not address them can be expensive. It can even cost you a sale. While many people take the easy route by figuring they will just add allowances for anything that comes up in the buyer’s inspection, what they fail to recognize is that when it comes to negotiating time, the allowance given can be considerably more than what it would have taken to solve the problem ahead of time.

Electrical issues can be particularly troublesome. They can go unnoticed by the seller but hit on hard by an inspector. Things such as faulty wiring or too little power coming into the home for today’s electrical demands can cause a seller to drop the price too much, slow up the sale while they’re being fixed, or kill the sale altogether.

Allstar Electrical’s Residential Electrical Evaluation Audit is a simple and economical way to be sure your home’s electrical system is safe, reliable, and adequate for a buyer’s needs. The audit includes a visual inspection of your service box and breaker panel to determine that it’s safe, up to code, and able to meet the demands of a modern home. Allstar’s licensed electricians check for potential hazards such as undersized service, loose connections, moisture infiltration, faulty breakers, or other issues in your distribution system. Additional services can include an extensive inspection of your home’s lighting, receptacles, and appliance connections for signs of installation errors, wear, and other signs of distress.

While you’re evaluating your electrical system, don’t overlook value-added upgrades that can add to the selling price and help close a sale. Relatively inexpensive things such as better kitchen and bath lighting with upgraded fixtures can make a home much more attractive to buyers.

Allstar Electrical brings over 25 years’ experience in working with designers, builders and contractors into play for you. Why risk annoying problems and costly surprises? Contact the pros at Allstar Electrical Service today to schedule an appointment to review your home’s electrical system to help make it more marketable and avoid costly surprises that can cost you a sale. It’s as simple as calling 303.399.7420 or using our online service request, available anytime, day or night.