Outdoor Security Lighting to Protect Your Home

Burglaries increase in the summer. It’s why now’s a good time to take a look at your home security measures.

You may have an alarm system, but what about using your outdoor lighting as added deterrent to burglars? Properly installed, outdoor lighting can cause burglars to think twice about entering your yard vs. the neighbor’s yard that has insufficient or no outdoor lighting.

Ninety-five percent of home break-ins require the use of force, and that means breaking a window or kicking in a door the thief has identified as being vulnerable. Since burglars don’t like working where they can be seen, good lighting goes a long way toward making your house unattractive as a target.

Lights That Are Always On at Night

A porch light that stays on all night is welcoming to visitors but discouraging to intruders. It and pathway lights add a measure of safety for visitors, too, especially if there are steps to negotiate along the way. Landscape lighting can play a dual role, making your home both attractive and safer.

Entry and landscape lights that use low-wattage compact fluorescent or LED bulbs are economical to operate and last much longer than conventional bulbs, so having them on all night is an attractive way to discourage unwelcome visitors. LED photocells eliminate the need to remember to turn them off and on.

Motion-Activated Lights

Places you don’t want constantly lit can be protected by lights with built-in motion detectors. These can be especially effective in areas like detached garages and sheds and other places you wouldn’t normally want lit up at night. The sudden illumination may frighten away intruders and can add a measure of safety and convenience for legitimate users.

Placement of Lights

Your outdoor lighting should be functional and attractive without intruding on your or your neighbors’ comfort and enjoyment. Lighting that shines into a neighbor’s bedroom window may be unwelcome, and light that doesn’t illuminate things properly is a waste of money. Porch lights, for instance, should be low enough to illuminate the face of a visitor without glaring into their eyes. Lights placed high over a door or gate may cast a shadow downward that actually obscures a person’s features, making them hard to recognize, in a security video cam.

Ask a Pro for Help

As you can see, there are many things to consider when installing outdoor lighting for security, functionality or decoration. A licensed electrician can help you decide what’s best for your particular situation and how best to install it.

The expert staff at Allstar Electrical Services will work with you to design outdoor lighting that not only keeps your home safe, but is functional and shows it off at its best.

Allstar Electrical brings 25+ years’ experience in working with designers, builders and contractors into play for you. We’re top-rated by the Better Business Bureau and Angie’s List. Our Residential Service Division will gladly give you a thorough, professional assessment of the ways you can use electricity to add beauty and functionality to your outdoor spaces.

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