Outdoor Lighting Brings Enjoyment and Safety to Fall and Winter Nights

Your home’s outdoor lighting can add extra pleasure as the sun sets earlier and evenings move indoors. Here are some ideas for bringing added enjoyment and safety to your fall and winter nights.

Show Off Your Yard’s Beauty
The same trees and other features you highlight in summer have their own beauty in the winter. Strategically placed landscape lighting can draw attention to attractive trees, plantings, and architectural features year round. It can be dramatic, spotlighting an individual plant, sculpture, or structure, or it can be subtle, imparting a soft glow to a tree or shrub, a bed of plants or a water feature.

Zoning and two-way switches let you enjoy the outdoors from the warmth of a cozy home without braving the elements. Timers, photocells, and Wi-Fi controllers are even more versatile.

Keep Things Safe
It’s important to keep your family and guests safe, especially now that fewer restrictions on travel and group gatherings bring more visitors to your home. Steps and pathways need to be lit to avoid trips and falls. Be sure your lighting is in good working order and replace burned out bulbs as needed. With so many options available for path lighting, safe can be beautiful, too.

Sadly, porch pirates and break-ins have risen dramatically during the pandemic, so be sure your security lighting and cameras are in good shape, too. Consider adding extra coverage for even more protection.

Plan Ahead for the Holidays
Holiday lighting adds fun to the long, cold nights. Make your seasonal decorating easier and safer by adding weatherproof outlets placed strategically to avoid messy (and potentially dangerous) webs of extension cords. And upgrade your outdoor outlets to current weatherproofing and GFCI standards if you haven’t already.

Explore Your Options with a Professional Electrician
Outdoor wiring has its own set of considerations and concerns. High-voltage or low, incandescent, LED, or solar, a licensed electrician will know how to install it right and do it safely for years of enjoyment.
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