Maintenance Programs Save Time, Trouble…and Money

Your electrical service is vital to your mission, whether it’s manufacturing a product, providing a service, or making sure your family has safe, comfortable place to live. When it malfunctions, it can be annoying, troublesome, or downright disastrous.

Little can be done to prevent service outages or natural disasters, but there are still plenty of potential on-site problems waiting to happen, often when you least expect them. Fortunately, many, if not most, are preventable with a proactive maintenance plan. Allstar Electrical Services is pleased to offer electrical inspection and maintenance programs to keep businesses and residences performing at their best and safest.

Electrical Maintenance Programs for Business and Property Managers

Allstar Electrical offers a broad range of services to facility and property managers. Our Commercial Inspection and Audit Service involves a thorough assessment of your current power system along with an analysis of your future needs.

We check and repair any issues, from your service entrance to outlets, switches, and lighting. We look at your internal networks, both power and data, and inspect your security system, inside and out.

We identify areas that can be improved for efficiency and cost-saving and make recommendations for improvements, up to and including Green Building standards. We can design, install, and maintain backup power systems to keep your operations running.

We offer ongoing electrical system maintenance to suit your needs and budget.

As a leading service contractor for Colorado’s Front Range, Allstar Electrical offers 24-hour, 7-day facility maintenance, responding to all service requests within 24 hours and offering same-day service for emergencies. With a designated project manager handling your account, you can be assured that your work will be done reliably and professionally.

Electrical Maintenance Programs for Homeowners

The electrical system in your home makes nearly everything else possible—your comfort, your convenience, your entertainment, your safety…your very lifestyle. It needs to be in tip-top condition to handle the demands of everyday living, and an economical new service from Allstar Electrical Services is designed to offer homeowners true piece of mind—the Residential Preventative Maintenance Audit.

Many home electrical systems are insufficient to meet the level of energy demand that exists today.

They may have been up to code and capacity when the house was built, but codes change and overloading an electrical system can lead to service interruptions or, worse, a fire hazard.

Just as with our commercial clients, Allstar Electrical performs a full range of electrical services for homeowners including inspection, repair, and maintenance of wiring, switches and outlets, lighting, and data, entertainment, and security systems. We put particular emphasis on safety, assuring that all systems meet current grounding and child safety requirements.

Prevention Saves Time, Trouble, and Money

Identifying, anticipating, and preventing electrical problems avoids costly and time-consuming downtime and keeps your business and home safe and comfortable. Allstar Electrical Services delivers the expertise and quality results you expect and deserve. We work hand-in-hand with you or your contractors to ensure your work is done right, on budget and on schedule.

We’ve served Colorado’s Front Range for over 20 years, are top-rated by the Better Business Bureau, and a recommended contractor by Angi’s Home Advisor.® So whatever your electrical needs may be, call Allstar Electrical Services at 303.399.7420 or visit our website to request an estimate or set up an appointment.