Landscape Lighting Adds Beauty and Functionality

With the coming of spring and the promise of spectacular summers to follow, Coloradans look forward to getting the most out of their outdoor spaces. And one of the favorites is their own back yard.

Show off your landscape with lighting for features like ponds, fountains, plantings, and specimen trees. Adding accent lighting to foliage and water features adds drama to your outdoor time in the evenings. Underwater lighting adds interest to ponds, highlighting the rhythmic. soothing motion of fish swimming and aquatic plants swaying gently with the currents.

Lighted paths and stairways not only invite exploration, they also add extra safety for your family and guests.

And while landscape lighting adds beauty and “curb appeal” to homes, it is also recommended for safety and security. Navigating walkways at night is much easier, and more importantly burglars are known to avoid attempting break-ins at well-lit properties.

Patio and Deck Lighting Add Pleasure and Safety

As outdoor spaces become more versatile, the need for multifunctional lighting and power becomes increasingly important. Bright, annoying flood and spot light don’t adapt well to today’s outdoor lifestyle. Kitchens and grilling areas need bright task lighting for meal prep and safety. Dining and seating areas call for variability to suit the moment’s need.

Attractive, well-placed lighting that lets you control the coverage and intensity to suit your different uses and moods.

If you have a patio roof or pergola, you might want to add overhead lighting and a ceiling fan for extra comfort on hot, muggy days.

Adding to Your Pleasure

If you’re adding a deck or patio, make sure the lighting suits the different areas and uses. Outdoor kitchens and grilling areas need bright task lighting for safety and convenience. Dining and lounging areas call for softer illumination. Install separate switches and/or dimmers for the control you need. Kitchen and dining areas may need convenience outlets for TVs and appliances, and fountains will need their own power supplies.

And remember, electrical codes require weatherproof, GFCI-protected switches and outlets for outdoor use.

Start with a Good Plan and Finish with Good Work

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