Is Your House Safe for—and from—Ghosts & Goblins?

Halloween is almost here and mobs of mischievous marauders are ready to descend on your castle. Some are welcome—some are not. Here are a few tips on how to keep the ones you want safe and the ones you don’t away.


Outdoor lighting makes your home safe and welcoming for guests and discourages unwelcome visitors. Motion detector lights help family and friends navigate safely at night and put a spotlight on trespassers, alerting you to their presence and chasing them away.

Pathway lighting on walks and steps guides visitors and alerts them to tripping and other hazards while directing them to your door.

Solar-powered and some low-voltage lights are easy to install, but even low-voltage lighting requires a transformer connected to household 120-volt wiring. Be sure to follow instructions for safe installation and call a licensed electrician if you have any questions or concerns.


Home security is an increasing concern, and outdoor cameras offer an extra layer of protection. The choices vary from simple always-on recordings to state-of-the-art cameras that can be activated by motion, sound, and even the press of a doorbell button. Most can now be monitored on Wi-Fi connections and even controlled remotely. With a camera or two you can immediately know if the person coming up the sidewalk is a goblin or a porch pirate.


Take a few minutes to walk around your property. Are your outdoor lights working properly?  Do bulbs need replacing? Do photo cells and motion sensors work properly? Do you need to add additional lighting or cameras? Are lights and cameras pointing in the right direction?

Many of these tasks are DIY-friendly, but if you need AC-powered fixtures and switches, it’s a good idea to call a licensed electrician. 120-volt outdoor lighting and switches need weatherproof installation and GFCI protection to meet code requirements. Improper installation creates both shock and fire hazards. Electrical professionals know how to install them so they’re both safe and reliable.

If you have any problems or concerns about your electrical service, the pros at Allstar Electrical Services are ready to solve them for you. Our Residential Safety Blanket is a low-cost annual service plan that includes a thorough assessment of electrical issues before they cause problems along with preferred pricing and guaranteed same-day emergency service.

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