Get Out! After The Lockdown

When the stay-at-home orders lift, and they will, people won’t emerge slowly out of their homes. They’ll run. They’ll head right to the back yard.

But they will still be cautious and more aware of their outdoor surroundings than prior to the COVID-19 crisis.

The secure sense of being safely locked inside your home is a sense that will spread to the outdoors. And that means having access to electrical outlets on the exterior of your home plus installing permanent lighting on your home perimeter.

When Allstar electrical retrofits lighting on the exterior of older brick homes, they install conduit on the exterior to run the wiring through to the fixture or outlet. Allstar install waterproof outlet covers over exposed outlets that allow an owner to lock the outlet when not in use. (Think urban living and finding a homeless guy in your yard charging up his cell phone. True story. Not okay.)

Installing motion detector lights on your home’s exterior is one of the first steps homeowners should take to deter intruders. Would-be intruders don’t like to be seen or spotlighted when the motion detector lights kick on.

Permanent electrical installations on the exterior of your home are far better than solar-powered or battery-operated yard lighting sold in garden shops. Hard-wired fixtures don’t require ongoing battery changes plus hard-red fixtures can be turned on with the flip of a switch…just another means of seeing clearly when you hear noises in the night.

No home is too aged or too new to benefit from exterior electrical upgrades.

Cool down your patio with the installation of an outdoor water-rated ceiling fan. Install lights on deck stairs, walkway paths and the lesser traveled parts of your property: beside the garage, on the alley side of the garage, between the house and the garage.

If you’ve experienced concern pre-COVID with trespassers or just neighborhood teens passing through your property, now’s the time to schedule the exterior electrical upgrades while the health and safety of your family is fresh on your mind.

Ask Allstar’s pro electricians for their recommendations on how to bring light to your backyard so that you can enjoy the great outdoors with peace of mind.