Design Build for Interior Designers | Architects

While simplicity and sustainability are the principles of good design in 2021, it’s a mistake to think that simplicity means going short on the planning process. Topmost in planning genius is Design-Build, meaning that your interior designer and/or architect work hand-in-hand with the electrician. Allstar Electrical is a Design-Build expert working with the other trades to achieve a result that is completed to perfection and eliminates expensive mishaps along the way.

Your architect is concerned with structural soundness, materials and code. While your interior designer choses colors, materials, textures, flooring, and lighting. While their expertise adds cost to your project, that same expertise means you’ll avoid costly mistakes and less-than results.

Take for instance your kitchen.

You’ve heard the kitchen described as the epicenter of the home. According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the kitchen is the most popular room to remodel. Statistics show it’s also the room most likely to be remodeled (even repeatedly) over the life of a house.  While your home’s HVAC tops the list of energy use in your home, the kitchen runs a close second.

Some of the electrical upgrades you’ll want to consider when remodeling or building new are remote controlled heating/AC and thermostats, security/video systems, alarms, sensors, sirens, lights and smoke alarms, interior and exterior lighting plus smart hubs for all of your electronics.

Including your electrician in the Design-Build process for projects of any size, from a kitchen to whole-home remodel, makes the difference between optimum flow and function. Electricians know how to avoid safety hazards like electrical overload. They can install additional circuits and outlets. They properly wire cabinet lighting, workspace lighting, and appliance connections (think in-cabinet lighting), plus wall sconces that are hard-wired avoiding the cord dangling in the room. They properly hang range vent hoods and built-in refrigeration from wine chillers to ice makers to freezers. They can install floor outlets under your dining table and in your kitchen island.

Electricians know how much power is needed for appliances and when it’s essential to install new wiring or new service to your property. They know what height (from the floor up) fixtures are allowed to be in code. They understand where GFCI switches are required.

In the end, proper planning allows lighting to make your space functional and more inviting. A professional electrician gets it.

There’s an old saying among woodworkers, framers, cabinet makers: measure twice and cut once. The same goes for electrical, specifically Design-Build: investigate twice; install once.

Allstar’s Design-Build services to interior designers and architects includes:

  • Early review and clarification of design specifications
  • Analysis of access, feasibility, and risk
  • Review of schematic design
  • Provide potential cost-savings analysis and alternatives
  • Provide light fixture specification analysis and alternatives
  • Provide detailed layout of electrical rooms and panels
  • Provide as-built drawings and updated drawings.

Interior designers appreciate the way that Allstar Electrical works as a team to make the homeowner’s dream come true. Moreover, they appreciate the way in which Allstar’s pros respect the client’s property. And Allstar cleans up after the job like no other electrician out there.

In true design-build, Allstar partners with an interior designer, contractor, or architect. In design-build, Allstar is responsible for both installation and performance. Demand for Design-Build is increasing. And one call to Allstar Electrical will confirm why.