Dedicated Server Rooms Offer Protection for Valuable Business Technology Resources

DENVER, CO -- We’re so used to computers that it’s easy to forget how vulnerable they can be. Inexpensive power strips with surge protectors may be fine for your home computer, but what about the devices your business depends on for its very existence?

It doesn’t take a lot of equipment to put a heavy load on a simple 15-amp household-grade circuit, especially if printers, desk lamps, coffeemakers and microwaves are on it too. And while most desktop machines are designed to run in household environments, clean, temperature- and humidity-controlled spaces add to the life and reliability of components.

Some businesses take over a coat closet or the corner of a supply room to locate their computer and communications gear, thinking that by isolating the equipment they increase its safety and reliability, but unless those spaces are properly designed, it may have just the opposite effect.

Allstar Electrical has designed and built server rooms for a host of businesses that have seen the value in protecting their technological resources from avoidable problems. Our highly-trained and experienced staff has the expertise to design secure and dependable server rooms for businesses of any size.

We start by analyzing your needs and proposing a solution that takes into account all aspects of safety and reliability. The power needs of your system are carefully studied and we design electrical service to meet both current needs and future growth. But we go beyond that in building in protection against power surges and providing backup power sources for both short- and long-term outages when appropriate. And, of course, we’re experts at designing and installing data-cable access that allows for the organized deployment of all the wires necessary to keep the server rooms up and running seamlessly and for future expansion as more capacity is added to the system.

If you need secure or restricted access to your equipment, we offer solutions to fit your particular situation, such as key-card admittance and video monitoring. And we make sure that your server room is properly climate-controlled and adequately lighted so that service and maintenance are easily done.

Dedicated server rooms are valuable investments for any business that relies on computer and communication systems for its operation, and what business doesn’t today? Building one for your needs can be quite affordable, too, even for the smallest enterprise.

So don’t risk annoying problems and data disasters. Contact the pros at Allstar Electrical today to schedule an appointment to analyze the ways you can act to secure your information handling and storage. It’s as simple as calling (303) 399-7420 or using our online service request, available anytime, day or night.