Advance Planning Can Save an “Electrical Shock” Later

So you’re deep into a tenant build-out, an addition, a new building. Maybe you’re a homeowner with a remodeling project, adding an extra room or finishing the basement. The one thing you’ll need is electricity and maybe low-voltage wiring for lighting or electronic gear. That’s just a matter of running a few wires and making some connections, right? Maybe yes, maybe no. Unless you bring a qualified electrical contractor into the planning process you may not fully understand the extent of the electrical sophistication your project requires. And it could pose a safety hazard if not wired properly.

Most architects and contractors will show the wiring plan on their drawings, but even then there are times when a review by a licensed electrical contractor like Allstar Electrical can proactively spot problems before they occur. And if you’re not relying on formal architectural electrical plans, the chances of something being overlooked increase dramatically.

The stakes ramp up quickly as electrical needs get more sophisticated. Retail display lighting, communications centers, computer server rooms, all bring their own sets of electrical concerns into play. Alternate power sources such as backup generators and solar power generation and transfer need to be carefully integrated into the commercial utility’s power supply. Things like picking the best source for materials may seem simple, but a quality electrical contractor is up-to-date on the latest industry information and may know of things that can save time and money there, too.

Take for example a small home bathroom remodeling project. The homeowner was replacing a clawfoot bathtub with a room-width step-in shower. His plan was to install rock and stone tile with three can lights overhead. The homeowner bought online glass trim to complement the shower tiles. The trim for each can was 4” in diameter. When Allstar Electrical took a look at the project, the electrician said he could not recommend anything less than a 5” trim and can due to UL requirements, especially, the electrician cautioned, when the can is retrofitted into the ceiling of a 100-year old home. To use other than a UL-rated can fixture would be a fire hazard.

If the homeowner had performed his own electrical work, he would never have known that he was risking a fire hazard.

Allstar Electrical brings more than 25 years’ experience in working with designers, builders and general contractors to each project. Our Contract and Construction division works with general contractors, subcontractors and owners on new construction, build-outs, remodels and retrofits. We’re happy to review plans and offer advice for projects large and small.

Our experience runs the gamut from large industrial, office, retail and institutional buildings to multi-family buildings and sports and recreational facilities—both indoor and out—from multi-million-dollar projects to small installations and remodels. Allstar Electrical’s Contract/Construction staff brings a high level of professionalism into any project they’re involved with, treating both the client and fellow team members with respect and attention to detail regardless of the size and scope of the project.

Our involvement doesn’t necessarily stop when the construction is done, either. We offer electrical maintenance programs that include regular checkups that can save owners and property managers downtime and needless expense after occupancy.

Why risk annoying problems and costly re-dos? Contact the pros at Allstar Electrical today to schedule an appointment to review your building plans. It’s as simple as calling 303.399.7420 or using our online service request, available anytime, day or night.