Transition Your Telecom and Devices to Wireless

If time were a clock, we’d be at about 7 a.m. on the morning of the dawn of wireless technology. It’s still very early in the wireless transition.

Forecasts are that U.S. mobile data traffic will increase 700 x in the decade between 2007 to 2017 with tablets and smartphones leading the way. For now, the wireless gold standard is 802.11g—the newest, fastest and most powerful 802.11 radio technology that broadens bandwidths to 125 Mbps within the 2.4 GHz band. The demand for mobile towers will continue to grow, especially as customers adopt embedded devices and thirst for faster mobile internet speeds.

The benefit of wireless technology in business is revolutionary. A wireless infrastructure is both easier to scale up as your company grows and will boost productivity. The primary benefits to your business by going wireless include:

  • Reduced Installation Costs. Installing wireless access points is less costly than wiring your office with Ethernet. Plus, wireless installation does not require knocking holes in walls to set up your network.
  • Flexibility.  A growing company means constant reorganization to accommodate ever-changing networking configurations. Wireless networking provides rapid transition times, reduced down time and will not cost you as much as you would have to pay to rewire office space traditionally. A wireless network allows you to easily share devices, programs and technology with multiple computers. You can share peripheral devices, programs and technology to streamline your business and make it much more efficient.
  • Easy Shared Access of Data. Wireless allows to information to be shared across the team, to points in your office. Offices that have made the transition from wired networks to wireless systems have experienced measurable increases in productivity.

Allstar Electrical is experienced in performing electrical and prime contractor work for all types of business and residential wireless installations. Plus we’ve built conduit for all types of communications installations in commercial, retail, hospitality and other industry. Our trained pros are qualified through Crown Castle International Corp (CCI), the tower communication company owning, leasing or managing approximately 31,500 tower sites with 29,800 of them located in the US, including Puerto Rico. The company focuses site locations on densely populated areas, and has a footprint serving 74% of the U.S. population.

With wireless, you can:

  • Share a single printer between computers
  • Share a single Internet connection
  • Share files such as images, spreadsheets, documents and even DVD's
  • Play games that allow multiple users at different computers

Wireless networking offers these advantages:

  • It’s fast
  • It’s reliable
  • It has a long range (5,000 feet in open areas, 250 to 400 feet in closed areas
  • It’s easily integrated into existing wired Ethernet networks.

Virtually all 802.11g wireless networking products work with each other no matter what brand or model. Wireless offers Ethernet speeds without the wires. Access points vary greatly in cost, from about $59.99 to $1,400. Access points have an integrated Ethernet connection to connect to an existing wired-Ethernet network or routers provide connectivity to a high-speed data connection (DSL or cable modem). It also has an omni-directional antenna to receive the data transmitted by the wireless transceivers. Integrating PCs and Apple systems on the same network is also possible with the 802.11g standard. The majority of wireless network adapters used are in PCMCIA card form. But some manufacturers do offer USB adapters or PCI format cards. The cost per card ranges from $39 to more than $300. They are not typically sold in "do-it-yourself" kits. Instead, everything is a la carte, allowing customers to build a system that exactly meets their needs.

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